BEPE presentations are now available on DVDs at the Nevada County Libraries in Nevada City and Truckee, and the Yuba County Library in Marysville. See Calendar for details.

Free public education programs (see calendar) are videotaped and presented on Nevada County TV (NCTV). Many programs are available in the NCTV Archives: Video on Demand listed under Health. Programs are shown on Channel 11 every Tuesday night at 10:30 p.m. and Thursday at 8:00 p.m.

Tune into a monthly radio talk show, "Parents Connect," 3rd Tuesday of each month at noon. KVMR (89.5 fm), hosted by BEPE member Helena McDaniel.

Birth and Early Parenting Educators

About Birth and Early Parenting Educators

We are a novel alliance of educators in Nevada City, California, with a common interest in the first frontier of human development from preconception through birth and breastfeeding.

Members of the group are childbirth educators, nurses, midwives, doulas, prenatal/Calm Birth yoga instructor, infant massage teachers, craniosacral therapists for babies and energy-body workers, counselors, therapist, lactation consultants. a film producer, a herbalist and a gemologist. Four members are authors of books on prenatal psychology and parenting. We are ready to educate parents about the special challenges of the first period of human development. Some of us are members of an international group concentrating on this period of development, the Association for Prenatal and Perinatal Psychology and Health (APPPAH). Please explore the informative website:

Some of the big ideas we want to share with the community are:

... parenting begins before conception when you can prepare body and mind for the huge experience ahead;

... development of baby senses in the womb proceeds rapidly and there are probably a dozen senses, not just five;

... emotion is not delayed until after birth but is expressed in body language in the womb;

... babies and parents can practice talking to each other all through the gestation period;

... birth is meant to be a transforming psychological and spiritual experience for mother, father, and baby;

Birth and Early Parenting Educators... ideal birth is holistic in respecting the true dimensions of all the parties involved, not a disease to be routinely treated with drugs and surgery; and

... following birth, breastfeeding is the normal way of nourishing a baby for maximal safety and maximal health benefits.

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