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Hold your womb
In your lovingly curved
and sensuous arms
Hold your womb
To your heart
And show me
How much tenderness
You hold within.
Show them you are the Mother of the Human race
By the way you smile
to a child tenderly
By the way you caress
her hair caringly
By the way you look tenderly Into the little boy’s eyes.
For this little boy
Will soon become a man.
Show him how infinite
Is your unconditional Love.
So he can not
But cherish a woman
And hold her in a sacred manner close to his heart and manhood. You are the mother of future generations!
Show your little girl
how to nurture and console and cuddle
and caress and giggle
So that she can truly hold her man.
So that in turn he knows
Killing is not the way
Raping is not the way
So that he protects and cherishes all beings
Alive with his gorgeous strong body.
So that he knows he will only save Our Race
Through the immense true power
of his gentleness.
Woman, be a mother to the women,
Be a mother to the men, Because they are so hurt
That they hurt.

Anyes CAnyes

BEPE Presents Monthly Film Series

Now Showing on Channel 11, NCTV
and streaming on

Show times:
Saturday 7:30 AM
Tuesday 10:30 PM
Thursday 8:30 PM

One film shows each month

Up Close and PersonalJanuary, Up Close and Personal
This is an impressive interview by Elisa Parker, creator/host of KVMR Meet Jane Do She interviews everyday women doing extraordinary things. Her guests are Elena Vlademirova, pioneer in water birth and founder of BirthintoBeing--a workshop training she has done in many countries. She is an outspoken voice for conscious conception and conscious parenting. With her is Amber Hartwell featured as the young woman, known for her orgasmic birth in their Hawaiian garden hot tub shown in Elena’s popular and appreciated film, Birth as We Know It.

First Hour of Life

February, First Hour of Life

Marshall H. Klaus,MD, Internationally known neonatologist and researcher, author and co-author of several works in the field, including Bonding, Care of the High Risk Newborn, and Mothering the Mother. In this film he narrates while the story unfolds during the first hour of life.



March, Embracing Pregnancy, Prenatal Homework

BEPE Presents: prenatal yoga with Miranda Culp; meditation with Robert Newman, creator of Calm Birth; Gayle Peterson, Ph.D., prenatal therapy; exercise as Dr. Fernando Molinas teaches parents in Venezuela; Laurie Chamberlin, teaching breastfeeding, childbirth education, advantages of a doula; and prenatal massage with Sheilah Kemp.

The BEPE Film Library is available for public borrowing at Placer County Library, the Nevada County Library, The Pomegranate Yoga and Parent Center in Marin County and The Nest in Grass Valley. ( ).

The Nest supports local families from fertility through parenting.

We do this by:
• Offering classes, support groups and community throughout their birthing and parenting experience.
• Attracting local birthing and parenting professionals to share our resources and network with one another to offer a comprehensive service.

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